What do you need help with?

The menu under the North Coast TAFE banner changes depending on where you are. You're currently on the myNCTAFE site.

Three separate sites are available. All can be reached by going to unique web addresses, or by clicking on links in the One Web navigation bar, at the very top of your screen.

The three sites are:

For help on this site, myNCTAFE, see the links to the left. The site is made up of Our Space and The Depot, which you get to by using the links under the North Coast TAFE banner. Our Space is where Virtual Classrooms live. You can navigate to all Virtual Classrooms from there. If you need one created for you, then click on Request a Space while in Our Space. Other help is available on the left navigation menu when you're in Our Space.

There are also some help resources under the Help pull-down menu in the navigation bar.

While in The Depot, you'll find help under Using the Depot on the left hand navigation.

For help modifying your Virtual classroom see the OneWeb User Guide.